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"Santa Closet" is a provocative tongue-in-cheek Christmas special release, with a sprinkle of standup comedy vibes. The eponymous title track is a folk/punk song denouncing cancel culture, LGBT hate, and the hypocrisy of Xmas spirit. The B-side, "Playing With Knives", samples and loops kitchen knives in action. A mix of French and English singing, it addresses the clichés I've collected against the French since I moved in the US in 2005.

- EP release December 25, 2023

"Skies & Grain" is reminiscent of 90's grunge, odd time signature prog metal, politically engaged rock/rap, and dream rock. The song addresses the war in Ukraine, siding first and foremost with the victims of the war. Jeenti and I made use of ambiant samples, often recalling battle situations, like radio static, and most notably, the air raid siren which blasted over Kiev on February 24. We used the song to raise money for refugees.

- Single release June 30, 2022

"Born of the Same" is an EP release which combines all previously released singles. It was supposed to contain two new tracks, a brand new Steven Wilson inspired psychedelic song sampling Jeenti's daughter's heartbeat in utero and a remaster of my "Song to the Fascist". But as Jeenti got increasingly busier with other acts and projects, I chose to release the EP as is. Jeenti did remaster the song "Born of the Same" for that release.

- EP release June 8, 2023

"Born of the Same" marks the beginning of Jeenti's collaboration with Greenvale Manitou. The song incorporates British sounding rock guitars, elements of dream rock, produced modern hip-hop, ambient samples, and acoustic percussion. It deals with the reckonings many of us have been going through during the pandemic, the urge to reconnect with the elements, and with ourselves, as a species. A great fresh experience it was!

- Single release April 14, 2022

"Queen of All the Animals" is a fusion of lo-fi samples, Funk rock, R&B, and Latin congas. The song explores themes such as innocence, imagination, coming of age, female empowerment and trans species psychology. Dedicated to my daughter, the song also is not-so-secretly about myself, about the traits of character I recognize in her. Most of the lyrical content has been inspired by the front cover art and its symbolic significance.

- Single release February 26, 2023

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