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"The kind of fusion Greenvale Manitou engages is facilitated by a de-centering of a sonic narrative that music academia has struggled for decades to challenge: teleological harmonic language."

- April 21, 2024

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"Greenvale Manitou has a clear purpose. The music’s structure, though, doesn’t privilege the end. It privileges the present. [...] In many traditions, sound is used to build community, reinforce social bonds, and explore collective obligations. That is often reflected in the musical content, which is frequently “non-teleological.”

- April 21, 2024

"[...] Algonquin spirituality, schnitzel, and beer are all elements of the context within which I heard and continue to hear Greenvale Manitou. Context is undervalued in the academic study of music. I need my students to value it. That way, the new music history curriculum at Augsburg can work. In cultural studies, adding things does not require eliminating things. We just need context, critical thinking, and compassion.”

- April 21, 2024

Wavy Circles

"[Santa Closet] has this great folk rock feel with a live energy behind it. The second track ["Playing With Knives"] gives off a totally different vibe with this outstanding percussion that really makes you want to move and dance. [I]t sets such a heavy groove and utilizes vocals as instruments to add color to the already vivacious sound of it."

- January 26, 2024


"["Queen of All the Animals"] has a particular way of bringing out a very alive and breathing approach to a funk and jazz undertoned songwriting style and it's all done with such a colorful set of instrumentation that you get caught up in it straight away [...] but it's the soul and character that you get attached to."

- January 18, 2024

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"Cedric Briand of Greenvale Manitou said it has been “an absolute pleasure” working in the studio with Dutta [...] Briand added that not only is Dutta patient, understanding and very talented, but his brand and mentality fit his own. “He is a friend too,” he said. “That’s how I know that I will keep working with him on my subsequent releases for sure.”

- January 16, 2024


"The guitar work is subtly perfect, and the vocals really do kind of change character along with the premise of the song so it's very alive and breathing in the end. It is definitely quite refreshing to hear such a unique record and one that ranges so much style and approach within a three-song spectrum because you just don't come across that very often anymore."

- July 18, 2023

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"The latest release dubbed "Santa' Closet" feels warm with holiday spirit and packed with an acoustic rock and pop approach that comes through beaming with character. The releases from Greenvale Manitou all give something genuine and a little new which has become part of the staple sound of the project."

- January 10, 2024

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"Your song crafting is so sophisticated. There are so many well crafted elements in there that, particularly when you listen to your documentary [i.e. the making of Skies & Grain on YouTube] and you hear how it's done, you realize that incredible thoughtfulness that you put into every aspect of your music."

- June 04, 2023

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"Greenvale Manitou is an anomaly - a deviation from the common rule, stereotype, arrangement, or form. They are both into exploring creative outlets and rabbit holes, refusing to stand still and always moving as artists. [They] incorporate unifying messages on diverse topics, as they understand the only way to promote a better future is by instilling shared-value impacts today."

- July 29, 2023

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"Local musician Cedric Briand didn’t have to think twice when choosing the party date for the EP and album release of his band Greenvale Manitou; he chose his birthday, June 8. After all, a party can celebrate many occasions. Briand, a singer-songwriter based here in Northfield, said the party at the Grand Event Center will mark the three-song EP release."

- May 31, 2023

"This artist has got a unique style blending Pop, Indie & Reggae genres. While the production is minimalistic, the core attraction is the vibe of the song. Groovy!"

"This is an amazing tune, really feeling and has beautiful vocals. I like the overall production of the track and performance."

"Well for me, I can say that this musical composition has very intriguing lyrics as well as a very original song title, and the edginess on this track sounds good."

- Feb-Mar, 2023

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"The panel features Lanesboro’s own Michael Seiler, as well as Northfield-based artists Glynnis Lessing, Gerie Thelen, and Cedric Briand. Conceptualized as a casual, yet informative space for artist development, [t]opics such as promoting one’s work, making a living as an artist, and grant writing will be included, among other things."

- November 3, 2022

"Really good song, love how it goes from calm to full energy in a very smooth way, great work."

"Powerful instrumentation arrangement. Great job on the vocal performance too. But the song was a bit too heavy for our playlist."

"The singer's voice is powerful, it offers an awfully wise consistency and strength to the song, the lowest accompanies marking the steps, good job."

- Feb-Mar, 2023

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"Powered by its poignant themes and bombastically propelled forward by both its excellent writing and accomplished performances, [...] "Skies & Grain" is a melodically exciting and rhythmically thrilling piece of songwriting that is steeped in inspired creativity and thought-provoking sentiment."

- July 7, 2022

"['Born of the Same'] is intensely cool [...] And it's sexy. There are sexy parts to it. Again, incredible singing. Just the variety of what you can do with your voice is really great. Your range is incredible. And as I said before, I love the different genres and it's so seamlessly put together."

- April 17, 2022


"From the electrifying guitar riffs to the overall booming drum beats, against the manic vocal aspects. Keeping everything coming together in a superb way. Each element that is intertwined, flows together so well. ‘Born Of The Same’ is a piece that you will instantly get lost in and want to keep going back to."

- May 8, 2022


"Whenever the vocals switch from singing to rapping, it gives the song a different vibe to it, keeping true to the realness of the song still, it adds a different layer of depth to it. This is their first single and all you can do is long for more from the duo. Pretty soon you’ll be singing at the tops of your lungs alongside Ced."

- June 4, 2022

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